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Tales of Epic Battle Fantasy
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06artGiveaway 02 - 1406015 by PtolemaiosLS
06artGiveaway 02 - 1406015
a request for pinkie pie and a car, he asked an specific model I forgot about, I never draw cars, so this was surprisingly accurate.

for short, it was his car and his favorite pony, while this request was weird, it was the only guy to say "thank you"

I missed one last request that got half drawn, maybe one day I'll finish it and post it.
05artGiveaway 02 - 1406015 by PtolemaiosLS
05artGiveaway 02 - 1406015
lastt ime I had to draw Octavia hitting Vinyl with a Vinyl, this time was Pinkie pie, cheese sandwich and Party favor drunk after a party.

I must say, was a funnier sketch that I had imagined in the first place.
04artGiveaway 02 - 1406015 by PtolemaiosLS
04artGiveaway 02 - 1406015
a request for Luna cuddling Applebloom, drawing "couples" (things hugging or interacting with each other) is quite a challenging experience, quick art requests like this one are the ones that help me develop drawing skills that I usually don't use much.

they also asked for sugar belle licking frosting out of pinkie pie lips..., 4chan is scary sometimes (of course I didn't draw that)
03artGiveaway 02 - 1406015 by PtolemaiosLS
03artGiveaway 02 - 1406015
I didn't had a request for some minutes and drew some kevin.

kevin appeared on the 100th episode.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
giving away 5 sketches, similars to the ones I posted about the drawthread a few days ago, the first 5 that ask get the gift and I'll post them later (might or might not be pony, now it's open for almost everything). 


:iconliguidicewolf: 31-03-2015 sketch giveaway: shadow of the colossus by PtolemaiosLS


in other news: 

if you read my last journal, I'm arranging a brony proyect for a guitar I'll craft and I'm gonna giveaway in a contest.

Rainbow Dash electric guitar project (giveaway)
(I would be grateful if you share this journal to pony related websites, I'll do what I can myself)
In this deviantart I'm known as PtolemaiosLS (or just Ptole for short) and I have a brony community project in mind.
I craft electric guitars/basses for a living and I want to craft Rainbow Rocks dashie guitar and give it away on a brony guitar contest (Dashie themed of course), but for that I only have the means to actually craft the guitar, I need a lot of help with exposure of the project, organization of the contest as well as funding.
This will be a real, playable, professional level 6 string electric guitar that I will give away in a music contest.
I will be the one crafting the guitar, but I want it to be a community project, I need to arrange a working team for a better result.
so far I need:

-animator/video editor for the different videos I'll post for the updates & the contest itself (commisioned work of cou
<details in here

for updates, I wanna say the designing stage is close to 80%, I need to get the wood in order to start working on it, I still get to post some designing progress on this dA, later on pictures of the actual process of the build, it's weird to post this on my dA, since that one is mostly for drawing, but it ain't bad changing a bit from time to time, right?.

also, an animator added to my team that might work with me with the proyect for videos, I'm eager to start working with him.

I still need to add a guy or two to my working team, remember this is what I need (copy paste from past journal)

so far I need:

-animator/video editor for the different videos I'll post for the updates & the contest itself (commisioned work of course, I can help with drawings)
-a youtuber for holding and organizing the contest (need to discuss the options on how to hold the contest)
-funding. (paypal:

If anyone want to offer himself or suggest someone they know, you can send me an email for contact at

that's it, enjoy the sketches giveaway.

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