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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Ptolemaios23/Male/Chile Group :icontebf: TEBF
Tales of Epic Battle Fantasy
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bullet hell 2 WIP04 by PtolemaiosLS
bullet hell 2 WIP04
part 4, inking for Natz, background 70% done, foreground 80% done (that's the clouds on front), need to ink characters and the keep coloring it until I wrist hurts, I say a week and its done.
EBF - Preview 03 by PtolemaiosLS
EBF - Preview 03
sketchs done, I decided to paint the background next, why before the inking?

usually ink work is quite bland (look at some anime) it´s a thin, almost vector-like line that follow the sketch, what I usually do is to shade the ink as well, to make it part of the art piece so for that I need the background lighting to get a better idea of how I should ink, so I paint it (BG of course need further work and refinement, but the idea is there, the sketch is visible in low opacity).

some people just sketch, then ink then color the character and then put a BG, I sketch, then paint the BG, then ink, then color the character, so by that I can now meld the whole picture in a more efficient way.
EBF - Teaser 02 by PtolemaiosLS
EBF - Teaser 02
small sneak peak in progress and also a little bit of a tutorial.

there is no really a hard set of rules whenever what's an early sketch and what's a finished sketch, some people don't even have this stage and just "draw it" until it looks ready for inking, some people just refine their sketches until they look like ink, others just doesn't sketch and draw the ink right away, all a matter of personal choice.

in this case I decided to go with a veeery rough and not that much of a good looking early sketch, even without hair, then my drawing program helped me refining the sketch until it looks good for inking, in the finished sketch I also skipped several details that will be put in the final ink stage.

in this past 2 pictures I have not shown the whole composition, that is something that I always take into the equation when I design "something" for the picture and I will show later.

(edit: the finished sketch and early sketch are on the same layer, 2 new layers in blue & orange for natz in the right picture)
EBF - Teaser 01 by PtolemaiosLS
EBF - Teaser 01
it's been so long since I make anything with this guys, hope you I still have EBF fans between my watchers, because I have work to do.

Ptole staph, you shouldn't be able to draw a character "better" after all this time, specially with all this hiatus.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
a few days ago I tried asking why I had over a 200 pageview spike and got a curious answer but overlooked it thinking it might be a troll or something.

now that I see again, I have an even higher pageview spike reaching almost 1000 and rising, this kinda concerns me.

Untitled-1 by PtolemaiosLS

in any other position I should be happy, in some moments in my amateur art career I had very successful popularity moment like my works with "Epic Battle Fantasy" or the Brony fandom overall, I remember moments where I reach over 2000 daily pageviews thanks to some major art published and featured elsewhere, like the EBF: The party that has over 80k views or EBF: player 4, The Ranger that has over 30k views, but in all those moment, there was always a clear reason why I had this sudden rise in traffic for my page.

but for now I have over 2000 views in the past 4 days with no clear reason and I still don't have a clue for its origin, no mass favorited art piece, no comments, just a high number of traffic in my main page, art pieces are not being viewed at all, and I have done nothing to have this strange rise in pageviews.

my main concern is that I've been spammed by viewbots, I recently published a deviation asking if anyone knew of my initial 200 pageview spike and one comment in particular appeared saying something like "lol, they were my viewbots", to avoid any problem I just decided to delete the deviation and keep on living, but now this view spike is to apparent just for a random place to feature my work and I'm starting to get worried I have fake pageviews.

so, that's all, if anyone knows anything about viewbots in dA please inform me, or if I DO been featured in some major page I would be really relieved to know those pageviews are genuine.

that's it for now, I have some plans in the future but you'll see them when I upload them <3, cyao!.

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